Today, The Queen Of Rap Nicki Minaj took some time out of her Birthday Week to interact with some of her 23 million Barbz following her on Twitter and pay off some of their Student Loans.

Now we all know how supportive, and even defensive Nicki’s fans has been for her over the years….Some will even say Overkill, but one thing The Barbz let be known is that they do not play about Their Queen, and neither should you.

Now this week was a National Holiday for the Barbz community World-Wide as the Platinum Artist from Jamaica Queens has just celebrated her 39th birthday (and still look every bit of 29). She even gave Fans a special Nude Photoshoot that left many Male and Female admirers wondering who’s birthday it really is after such a surprise gift.

Here is a few pictures from her 39th Birthday Nude Photoshoot that she shared on her Instagram Page

The Queen didn’t stop there, This Weekend she continues to be the “Gift That Keeps On Giving” as she offer to help some of her dedicated fans in College get the School Supplies they need like Books, Laptops and more. But that’s not all! She’s even taking things a step further this month by offering to pay off Student Loans for All selected Barbz that need help, some even live Overseas.

Here is a Slide Show of Nicki Minaj making a few of her 23 million followers on twitter wishes come true.

What a wonderful time it is to be a Barb! Nicki Minaj continues to hold her crown as The Biggest female rapper of All Time and she will definitely go down as a Hip Hop Legend and Inspiration for young women around the World for generations to come. If Nicki Minaj is not inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame before or after her career is over, her Barbz will make sure someone will feel it.

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