Friday morning Brooklyn Drill rapper known as Bizzy Banks Hackensack, Nj home was raided by the Ny/Nj S.W.A.T. team. Police say that in the home they found more than 2 pounds of marijuana, $2700 which they believed to be proceeds, and a loaded handgun loaded with hollowpoint bullets.

Bizzy Banks was taken to Bergen County Jail where he is being held for Weapons, Drugs, and Money Laundering charges. He is currently awaiting his first court hearing.

Banks first got exposure around the time after the death of Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke which was a close affiliate of his. He started dropping few dope songs and videos with his sidekick Leeky G Bando and his crew Structure ⚒ Gang on Bliggity Visions YouTube Channel, and then released a video called “30” on Worldstar which some believe to be his biggest song.