Just got some interesting news that rapper Snoop Dogg is in the process of launching his own Hot Dog brand called none other than “Snoop Doggs”.

The rapper has been planning this since December after filing a hold on the trademark name “Snoop Doggs”his lawyer has stated. Ironically, not too long ago snoop was hilariously disgusted in a video showing him learning the process of how frankfurters were made.

Obviously since then the legendary Hip Hop Icon has had a change of heart, and is soon ready for his new business venture in the Hot Dog World.

Shout out to Big “Snoop D O Double” for trying something different and tasteful from his own best selling Cook Book to now his own Hot Dogs.

HOoDtRiotiC World will definitely be on the look out for his first launch date and Grand Opening. (I would like to try the Chilli n Cheese please)