Jackson Mississippi – Trio have been charged with the brutal assault and murder of a 18 year old young woman named Amaya Carey. Carey, who was found lying on the side of a road suffering 3 gun shot wounds was last seen on Feb 15th leaving her house to meet a friend name Kaymia Blackmon (19).

Upon arrival she was greeted by Blackmon, her boyfriend Dewitt Anderson, (34). and his friend Cedric Banks, (37). Police reports state that at some point Blackmon told Amaya that her and the 2 men wanted to engage in group sexual acts which Amaya quickly declined. Soon after, the two women got into a physical altercation which then led to Blackmon’s boyfriend grabbing a pistol and shooting Amaya once.

After being shot, Amaya was then sexually assaulted by one of the men, Then she was forced into a vehicle where she was assaulted again before being thrown on the side of a road and shot 2 more times. It took about a month for her body to be identified.

All 3 suspects have been charged with capital murder, kidnapping, sexual assault, and other charges with bail denied.